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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  August 21, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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for the weekend. cooler pattern for the weekend. >> 74 right now in washington. 73 this new york city. a little cooler north and west. columbus is 62 and binghamton 60 degrees. we're on the warm side of things. we'll watch the temperaturese warm up to the 80s andnd eventually upper 80s near 90. 9. much like yesterday. yesterday turned to a nice day.d a little t bit of cloudiness tos start your day. it's holding back the follow fol vegment which is good newsews because yesterday we had localll very dense fog.. still a possibility before sunrise. we coll see fog develop. particularly if you are a viewer to the west bewareuld encounter thick, dense fog without much notice.ce. otherwise partly sunny today ant could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm this afternoon as we heat up the atmosphere.tmos warm and humid. 88 is the high. >> thank you tucker. time now 20 check in with julie wright and get an update on the morning commute.morn >> we're starting off quiet this
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so far without issue for folks headed around the capitol beltway. you will find your lanes are open if you are traveling inbound around ken yilworthth avenue this morning. m no issues to report at this time. traffic running smoothly on theo top side of beltway travelingrae from coalsville road headed to 270, both 95 and 295 without issue traveling inbound through laurel. traveling inbound on 50 leaving 202 at speed there as well and no accidents to report northbound on 95. guy set the start this morning leaving fredericksburg headed to dumb fridays. that's a check of your fox 5 ono time >> later on this morning, bradley manning will learn his fate. >> the former army private could spend the rest of his life in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of battlefield reports and other top secret informatioi to wikileaks. it included a video in baghdad that killed nine people.eopl the 25-year-old was convicted cn last month on espionage and a
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other charges. he faces 90 years behind bars. prosecutors have asked for 60 years but manning's defense said he should serve no more than 25 years. destroy it or pay. the guardian newspaper says that was the message from british authorities after it leakedeak several documents from nsa leaker snowden. it's the latest fallout. the newspaper's editor said harddrives were destroyed but the company has back-up copies and they'll release the information in the u.s. news of digital destructiontruc comes day afghanistan the partner of the journalist who broke the story was detained for several hours based on antiterror legislation.egis >> new drunk driving charges for don guar. g police say he was going 15 miles over the speed limit and swerves on to the road's showlter multiple times.le he failed three field sew brie yet tests and refused to take a breathalyzer test.ea he was released onth his own reg
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sans. this time last year he was charged with dui after a boating accident. a five-year-old girl was injurer in that accident. dwyer is due to be sentenced in that case next month. there are calls for his resignation and charges will likely be a topic at an ethics committee meeting today.e alsome happening today maryland representative chris van holland is expected to file a lawsuit against the irs. he serves as lead plaintiff in n the case which questions the handling of tax exempt applications and and eligibility. he said the irs should not not decide if it's political or educational. it follows controversies involving recent elections in which conservatives say they the were targeted. >> crying testimony in theny i murder trial of julio blanco-garceau. a medical examiner testified t tuesday that pham fought back as she was stabbed to death insides her car and had 15 slash marks on her hand ass she fought off
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her attacker. the doctor said pham died after she was stabbed in the neck and chest. >> students in georgia will return to the classroom this morning one day after a man entered an elementary school and opened fire. >> those students will be sent to a nearby high school today td and not to the scene of the incident. shooting coming at the start of the school yea tr is rattling tt nerves of parents across the country. fox 5 is live in the news roomew with the latest on this story. melanie? >> it's just one week to the t school year there in georgia and it does bring back the heart-breaking memories of newtown shootings. in this case no one was hurt but it could have gone the other way. 800 students at mcnair mcn discovery learning academy raced out of he will nary schoolch tuesday afternoon. inside a gunman held the officec staff 20-year-old michael brandon hill an assault rifle and several weapons. he fired six shots at officersfc who responded to the scene. sce
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possible explosives found inside the car he had driven to the school. the secretary managed to talk to the gunman in putting his weapons down and surrendering. he said he was sorry and told police he was off his meds. frightened parents who rushed to get to the kids were turned away. >> we don't know anything.anyt they kept saying turn around,d, turn around. i got out the car and tried to walk. once they told us the kids are okay. good to wal-mart. we can get the kids it's a tragic situation but we're so blessed and pleasedleas that all of our children are safe, all employees are safe. >> students stayed in the safe area behind the building until police felt it was okay to loadl them on buses to be reunit r nighted with the faves. >> the suspect never made it past the front office. they have security, a buzzer entry and a camera. c coming up at 5:30 we'll talk about how the new school year brings security to some of the local schools. sarah and wisdom. >> thanks.
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>> straight ahead an update on the crisis in did the u.s. really cut off military aid? the white house answers next. >> it's been 50 years but the priceless memories exist forst people who attended the march on washington. we'll meet two people among the crowd and hear the experience. >> later this hour a travel gajj theat helps you pack light. that good i want to know about that.a we'll tell but the wash bag when we return. time now is 5:07.
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>> claims of a poison gas attack are making headlines this syriaa this morning. mor two syrian opposition groups say that government forces carried out the gas attack near the capital of damascus and they are claiming that dozens are dead. rebels say they fired rockets with poisonous gas warheads. it happened over night and so far no comment from the syrian government.go the white house continue it's review a decision on cutting off military aid despite claims from a top senator that the aid was stopped. >> president obama met tuesday with senior advisors at the white house including attorneync general eric holderlu and c.i.a. director john brennan. the white house says no final
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decision has been made however h an aid to senator leahy said he was told quote the transfer of military aid was stopped already by the obama administration. the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood continues in egypts with the arrest of two more leaders. almost a year after the attack on the u.s. consulate in ben ghazi, four state department officials will be back at work. he had that been on paid administrative leave for failures in the attack. a state department report harshly criticized theed t department in which the they worked because of the attack, cited a lack of cooperation and confusion over protection of the ben ghazi consulate. they'll be reassigned to new jobs. >> they witnessed history 500 years ago. a >> straightg ahead hear their unique stake on the march onn washington as the city preparesp for the anniversary celebration. first we check in with tucker. >> a little fog to the west. w should be in pretty good shape
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today. a warm and humid one with a scattered shower this afternoon. julie has your traffic after the break. ♪
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no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. ♪ better to feel pain >>to welcome back fox 5 morning news. time now 5:14. 5 we know it's hump day. two days until the weekend.eeke as you take a live look outside. people start to stir on this wednesday morning. people going back to school.choo st. mary's county, maryland,ylan
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heading back to school today. >> you know it means traffic is going yeah. >> going to get real busy when the schools get >> julie will have the latest on that. meanwhile sitting in traffic isn't too much of a problem this morning. i sat in traffic yesterday on the beltway. >> did you? >> yeah at 6:30 at night. >> accident? >> i just think a lot of peopleo are in town. >> that's true. no more vacations unless you are jewely wright. >> right, right. >> anyway. >> seems like some people get more than others around here. h >> doesn't it? and we're sick.. there's something gone on here. we need time off to recover. >> something is going on here. [laughter] we've got temperatures warm. warm and humid to start your day. we're watching a little fog develop. most of the heavy fog is well out to the west as in extreme et southwest virginia here and parts of west virginia this morning. not seeing it locally quite theh way we did yesterday. it's not going to take much here with disguise relatively still and clearing across parts of of
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area to get fog developing in the next hour or so. keep it in mind. 74 in washington. 71 in quantityo. 60 in manassas. 70 in 70 in annapolis. a 61 up in frederick this morning. looks like our cool spot. visibility a little better than yesterday. remember yesterday parts of are were down to a third of a mile. in some cases no visibility.ty. a little better today nine here in washington. looks likes we're getting fog towards manassas and culpepper here. there's what looks like a little fog developing to the south and west.west keep an eye on it. generally a good news forecastod if you like n summertime. >> that could kick up a couplepe showers or thunderstorms. be ready for that possibility. otherwise just warm and humid hm day as mentioned. looking further upstream it's a
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cold up up towards minimum april list. that gets in here tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow nightight that gives us the best chance for thunderstorms and behind that front we're talking aboutrt cooler and drier air for the weekend. here is future cast 11 a.m. not much going on. there's a few showers at 4:00. widely scattered. not serve going to get them anda tomorrow afternoon we do it alla over again with a cold front.nt 88 today. excuse me, partly sunny skies. scattered showers and storms. wind outs of the south and west at five. warm and humid overnight. we're setting up for stormstorm tomorrow with highs about 90. behind that front, hopefully wel get it out of here early friday. saturday and sunday humidity levels in check. sunshine check.. temperatures check. it's going be beautiful. >> i like this. right before heading to the to school year and it's starting to calm down and doesn't get hot ht and >> it's not been been a bad august. >> the whole summer actually.y. >> most of the summer has been
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tame. it has. >> thank goodness. >> and not a lot of bad stormstm either. >> all right. let's say hello to julie and see how traffic is moving as everybody heads back to school those are the worst. >> i am sorry tucker. southbound kenilworth avenue no problems right now. you'll find 295 is quiet for folks coming inbound this thi morning headed from the douglas bridge. no accidents to report for folks traveling the top stretch of the beltway. light traffic volume southbound on 95 and 295 out of laurel. overnight construction gone in virginia. northbound 95 rolling at speed s so far leaving stafford continuing northbound.ui that's a check of your fox 5 on
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time traffic.ic. >> thank you, julie. the nation's capitol is getting ready for the 50th anniversary a celebration of historic march on washington. the major events begin this weekend. >> last night we had a opportunity to hear fromrom neighbors actually at that event that day. we have the reflection. i was busy taking care of people who had fallen from the heat. it was hot. >> this doctor was a history teacher when she attended the march on washington. a march and rally in the name of justice and equality. >> i don't think mainstreameam
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white america understood thatert the people coming here were serious, that they conducted them sstlesz with respect. they had love for their country. but they wanted change. >> i was betweeney the water the reflecting pool and the first steps. i was considering a quarteruart million i was up fairly close. >> he said he hitch hiked fromrm ohio to washington 50 years ago. he was 18 that 1 >> just the idea that hager and dr. kelly are sharing their stories at the dr. martin luther king memorial library downtown.. part of the i was there series. >> i went to the march. i was living in harlem at the time. i went for historic reasons. >> like tens of thousands of others a peter bailey came by bus from his home in new york i city. >> i think most memorable for me was seeing the crowd. though i went down with with
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great scepticism about anythingy positive happening the fact that seeing so many people there really impressed me.ed >> the d.c. public library is connecting. >> life is not fair but we're're hoping to move toward equal it for all. i know it's my dream. >> >> the picture and video are maigz. almost takes you back there. >> to think we wander around down there and what happened soh many years ago.many >> yeah, yeah. you've been sharing your marchch on washington stories with us.s. and chris smith wrote i was there 50 years ago. i was a mere two-year-old riding on my dad's shoulders.
5:21 am
when my parents were alive i heart the story countless times. knowing i took part in this monumental event has always made me proud. >> thank you for sharing that and you can share your storiesus as well go.. to our web site, do the wholehol social media thing. thi >> tweet awts >> send peck tours the nine yards fn we would love to hear them. power and money. up next they represent us on th hill and they are not hurting for cash. find out who tops the list of the wealthiest lawmaker straight ahead. >> simon colin powell speaks out about becoming a dad. we'll tell you what he said after the break. time now is 5:22.
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♪ it's a crime >> grace potter and the knock -- knock turnals i believe. oh, wow., >> very w nice.>> >> once in v a blue moon. >> we don't have these very often. >> we're going to talk about green. they don't just have money, they have power and money if he top of list california republicanlia dared issa. his fortune is estimate add $35$ million. >> what? >> that's a lot.
5:25 am
texas republican is weather more than 100 mill and the virginia v senator is estimate at 88 million. the hills manager editor spoke with fox 5 explaining how issa rose to the >> he founded a car security system called viper. different assets over the years whether it's stock market or other things will elevate member wealth. >> wow to you make the right moves, right restments and -- right investment as come up with a company you can get paid. >> you can do well.o >> from the wealthiest lawmakers to the highest paid tv actors. tv guide is out with the annuala survey and topping the list forr comedies is two and a half men star ashton kutcher. he is reportedly raking in some 750,000 an episode. how i met your mother's jason
5:26 am
siegel came in second and amy poler of park and recreation came in third. by the way, judge judy is the biggest earner of tv genre gen taking in just a lowly $47 million a year.ll >> yeah. >> i don't know how she's surviving off 47 million a year. >> right here on fox 5, too, by the way you can catch her. >> we can take that money. simon colin powell is needing that money. he is ready to be a dad. i think he can afford it. he talked to the bbc before the premiere of the one direction movie. heed is he feels good about abo becoming a father. he is expecting a child with new york socialite lauren silverman who he called quote a special girl. you may recall simon was named in the divorce petition betweenn lauren and herp current husband. >> i didn't know that. you sneaky, sneaky. >> yeah. [ laughter ] all right. and new parents -- speaking of
5:27 am
love fest new parents kim kardashian and can yes west will getting a pay day for the pictures of north west. kanye has decided to unveil the pictures on grandma kris jennifer's talk show friday. i've been holding my breath wondering. now my life can move on. you can watch the show.n wa >> it's amazing how much money they can get for the pictures thousands of dollars. crazy. >> i know, yes. >> we'll be right back with today's top stories.ries >> a live look outside on this wednesday morning. we'll check in with tucker barnes and talk about traffic as well with julie wright when we come back.
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>> 5:31 outside. welcome back. >> is it expwr we'll look at a map in a moment. it should be hot and summer, sum warm and summerrer day. upper 80s near 90 this afternoon with athreat of a shower or storm. >> great special shoutout to the friends in st. mayory's county. first day of school. >> back on the >> we put all the kids in one
5:31 am
bus. that bus probably wouldn't pass inspection. [ laughter ] >> areas of fog this morning. upper 60s and low 70s. should be dry for the morning commute, later this afternoon there mate be showers that pop up. hit and miss stuff we get in the summertime. 74 right now at reagan national. 69 dulles. bwi marshall 69 degrees. it's warm and noticeably more humid than 24 hours ago. it will be a warm and humid day. a little bit of cloud cover streaming in that give us partly cloudy conditions and later this afternoon as we get a little bit of energy moving to a tropical, warm atmosphere, we could see aa few showers kick up. just keep that in mind. >> not too bad, 86. hit and miss. you may get it, you may not. >> it's fine. >> checking in with julie write with the latest on traffic fortn the day. >> we're checking out the cameras and we found that the lingering construction on the southbound side of 95 is stilltl with us out of dale city headedd
5:32 am
out past cardinal drive. again it's the two right lanes that are blocked. traffic squeezing over to the narrow left lane. this is southbound on 95 coming from dale city headed towardsars dumb fridays. northbound the lanes are open and righthe now without delay fr folks continuing northbound on 95 leaving fredericksburgrede continuing northbound up towards dale city. no accidents to report for thoss continuing eastbound on 66. light traffic volume leaving 123 trying to get past the metro and heading in towards the capitol beltway they are running between and naldale. georgia avenue pulled up the the camera here not seeing anything flashing but authorities are searching for an accident in this location. inner loop looks great headedret for the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 ono time traffic. >> thanks, julie. j a 20-year-old georgia man is under arrest suspected ofcted opening fire inside an elementary school tuesdayy afternoon. >> fortunately no one was hurt
5:33 am
but this incident raises new concerns about safety inside the classroom. fox is live in the news room with more on what some local schools are doing to keep the kids safe this year. melanie. in as we know this discussionscs has been going on more seriously than ever since the shootings in newtown, connecticut and manyctc have been evolving and upgradedu security plans knowing they, too, may have to deal with an an fif shooter situation. school children in georgia fleeing from their lives from a gunman intent on doing harm. michael brandon hill was dressed in black and carrying weapons. w gi not brfs an exchange of gun fire with officers. >> he stated he was sorry he was off his meds. m >> it could have been a lot worse but every single child is alive to talk about it. it.
5:34 am
>> hill never made it past the front office. o most systems do have are putting in controlled access. in prince george's county cou there's a security upgrade wellw under way. eventually every school will have electronic security doors. visitors will have to be buzzedb in i.d.'s and a closedsed circumstance tv with audio capability so they can talk to people in the office without walking into the school. they'll put in panic buttons around the campus at each school. there's also been a lot of training for staff at all al schools in dealing with the threat and some schools near maryland's eastern shore arere testing out bullet proof white boards that staff and students possibly be able to hide behind. we'll talk about it later this morning. back to you guys. >> good ideas perhaps,o melani. thank you. >> also in the news this morninr it's the sentencing day for at fort immediate, maryland for army private bradley manning. mn they face up to 90 years in prison for leaking thousands of
5:35 am
classified documents to the wikileaks web site. a military judge will announce the sentence at 10:00 this morning. manning was convicted last month of espionage and 20 other charges.arge prosecutors are asking he be sents whyed to 60 years behind bars. manning's defense team wants hih to serve no more than 25 years. the man who says he is the fort hood shooter could ask himself questions at the court martial. the army major is beginning his defense after the prosecution rested yesterday. he is acting as his own attorney and the judge said he could not make statements today. he was supposed to call two defense witnesses but it does not like like it will happen today. he admits to the 2009 attacks. the worst shooting ever on american -- on an american military installation. >> facebook c.e.o. takes on a big challenge. the cause he has donated $1$1 billion dollars to straight aahead. we'll check on the markets if we
5:36 am
could. the dow on track for the worst month since may of last year. it was down almost 8 points tuesday. the nasdaq gained over 24 pointp and japan's yeah added 28 points overnight.rnig markets are waiting for the big report from the federal reserve to see if the u.s. will start s scaling back the $85 billion a month stimulus program. right now the time now is 5:37. we'll have a check of your business news coming up in an hour from now.
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♪ me and julio down by the school yard. >> back now on fox 5 morning news. take a look we're sharing moreoe back to school photos with you today. mom lisa tweetd us this picture of her two young ones. she captioned it this is the mom you stayed too long at drop off selfie. look at the one on the right.igt mom, please you are embarrassing me., >> now, no doubt kids are giving mom and dad the same look. l we don't care we would love to see them. we're sharing picturesg pi throughout the morning as well. very cute. >> well, the number of militaryl veterans who are waiting more than 125 days to get benefits from the v.a. is down by about 20% but organizers of a petitiot drive say there are still too many. the group concerned veterans for america delivered a petition to the white house yesterday demanding the president take immediate action on this.
5:40 am
they say 26,000 vets signed the petition. the backlog of vetses starts at $490,000. one billion that's the number oe people on facebook. but that is far less than the 77 billion people in the world. >> now part of the problem is nearly five billion people don't have internet access but mark zuckerberg wants to change. that he has donated $1 billion to break barrier and provide un wealthy nations to with access. they rolled out a new web site called internet $organize to explore possible solutions. >> trying to spread facebookcebo throughout the world. >> there you go. coming up, tired of scratching? we'll tell you why the mosquitoes are worse this year.y >> theeay are? ew. first though we'll look outside on this hump l day. another warm day on top so the mosquitoes will be having aa field day with you. we're going to check theg forecast coming up and take a look at the roads with julie wright. coming up next time now is 5:41.
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>> all right. the national zoo's elephant here is doubling in size thanks to a $2 million donation. the zoo will receive three female elephants in an open ended loan from the zoo in canada. the new elephants will arrive
5:44 am
next spring. they are expected to stay indefendant flit unless they don't get along with the existing elephants i'm sure it r will be fine. americans and canadians. >> we get along. >> they are fine. i wonder how long the veesas are for.r. feeling itchy lately? it turns out the summer is bugyinger than usual. you can blame drought, heavyheav rain and heat. drought is part after this? >> it seems like it's raining every day here this summer's rain provide the the perfectct condition which is why you mayou be feeling or seeing more bites. >> i like to actually run to my car. so you are on the move they can't get you. it's when you stop. s >> not as easily anyway. >> as long as i'm moving briskly they don't get me. >> i in just napalmed my backya.
5:45 am
>> does it work? >> yeah, there's no mosquitoes. i don't know what it's doing too the rest of the backward.ackw >> everything else is gone. >> the plants are still growingi and can i go outside. >> i keep running. >> that's why you are such in good shape. >> like to think so. >> when it gets more humid i notice the mosquitoes are more in a biting mood. they are. >> when you get to days like yesterday and it's warm andnd humid out you can encounter them. there's your radar. show yous this because we are watching that fog getting its act together and redevelopingg here. not as intense and thick as yesterday. same spots dealing this morning. front royal thinking of you guys. culpepper visibility is greatly reduced now.ow. starting to see fog popping up to northern montgomery county. look likes fog here right down
5:46 am
95 towards dale city. pretty good fog lower eastern heads up might be fog early.arly no dense fog advisories like yesterday. however next hour or so until we can mix up that atmosphere we'll see this will fog continue to develop. temperatures warm and humid to start your morning. 74 in washington. 70 in leonardtown. 69 in baltimore. 65 in hagerstown. yesterday in the upper 80s. we'll do it again today. a few of us particularly through south and west may get close to 90 this afternoon. quiet start to the day. cloudiness. a partly sunny wednesday for you. mentioned the warmth and humidity back as we have breezes to the south here. back in the tropical atmosphere for a couple of days. day then we'll focus on energy coming in this afternoon. that gives us showers and storms. a cold front which will change things up by tomorrow. i think the best chance is tomorrow. 88 today.
5:47 am
partly sunny skies. scattered shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. we know the drill at this point. it will be hit and miss here. winds south and west at 5. 72 tonight. warm and humid out there 90 tomorrow we'll go 90 see if we get there. possible showers and and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as a cold front approaches and we'll clear it out gradually on friday may have clouds around early. saturday and sunday lower 80s. lower humidity. a great looking weekend to get outside and play. >> enjoy the summer before they escape away from us. >> should be a nice weekend. w >> okay. let's say hello to tucker barnes. julie what is going on withg on traffic. >> you want to go back to tucker. i am sorry you are not feeling well. that's not fun. >> we're fine. no biggie. >> southbound along 95 feeling e the pain for folks on thehe commute traveling southboundboun leaving dale city this morning. ongoing construction late to clear from the southbound sideid of highway. they have the right lanes blocked.
5:48 am
heavy volume out of dale city continuing southbound.und. northbound a better picture for you so far without issue. leaving fredericks burg continuing northbound. no accidents to report eastbouns on 66 leaving manassas right now. light traffic develop continues inbound towards centreville.ille light volume on pennsylvaniaylva avenue rolling down the hill towards the sousa bridge. southbound 270 from germantown to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.. >> thank you very much. m well here is a phrase you've heard. are we there yet? >> coming up next keep it in your car, purse, wherever it's convenient. we'll show you a game that keep the kids interfaind. >> thankfully. >> you have to. and forget matching frames laura shows us a sleek new alternativa to share your photos. time now 5,49. ♪
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>> well you've heard of paying it forward but a group is hopino to promote sharing and kindness with pie it forward. they are handing out free pie near the chinatown metro statios and then on saturday for the march on washington. the people sharing the pie may wish they had seen this next story before hitting the roads. >> laura evans shows us threee products that can make your life
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easier when you travel in this week's laura's likes. >> i take advantage of the great outdoors, the scruba wash bag. this allows to you pack light. it's a unique travel gadget perfect for camping, backpacking, a cruise and even n business trip. it's compact, lightweight only half a pound. you can wash dirty the cloths in three minutes. m i tried it at home and it worked. it's great for washing your stingy, sweaty, cycling or work out clothes. honey i'm bringing this one homh for you. through the the cloths in theth bag, add the water detergent. roll it down, clip it and pushus out the air. a start scrubbing. the secret in this is the flexible washboard inside the bags there. the a window to watch the cleaning process. you firmly rub on the bag foragf three minutes and rinse. no sink available, well, all you need to do is replace the dirty water with clean water and shake the bag and then hang your the cloths to dry. d
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comes with the mount placed on the back.ack. i love canvas prints but whenhe you compare the two fracture is glossy versus can verse. the glossy picks up more detail in the photo. i was a little concerned about the breakage if it falls off the wall, shatters they are safer than the glad in a traditional frame. it's shatter proof glass. it's a great gift. use them a signing board or wedding or another event.. upload your photo.. prices start at $8 and go up to 95. depending on the size.i every fracture comes with a lifetime warranty.ti it'sme fracture m >> that's a good idea. you know how many times things h have fallen off the wall and break. >> i have a bunch of frames f rights now. >> you can view her likes on our facebook page as well. business come can you guess who
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is the highest paid model?? >> tucker barnes? >> please we will tell you who topped the.pped >> liz: i said a mold. >> sorry i misunderstood the request. >> first we say good morning tog the fan of the day. she said she turns on fox 5 as soon as she wakes up and feels like we're her family. f >> hi there. >> that's the way we like it. we're family. just one big old dysfunctional family here at fox 5. >> dysfunction junction right here! >> for your chance to be the fan of the day like the facebook page. post the comment below the peck tour.
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>> just days into the school year, security put to a test when a man opens fire in an elementary school. >> security measures here at home for a similar scene. >> it is happening today, a soldier leaking secrets set to find out his


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